Volunteer Management Resources & Trainings

Business Volunteers is committed to strengthening the capacity of area nonprofits to serve the community by offering a variety of professional trainings and resources.  Volunteer Management trainings and networking events are typically offered on a quarterly basis.

Topics include:

  • Volunteer Recruitment & Placement
  • Volunteer Retention
  • Orienting & Training Volunteers
  • Demystifying Millennial Volunteers
  • Engaging Young Professionals in Committees
  • Mastering the Recruitment Message
  • Social Media 101 for Volunteer Recruitment
  • Converting Volunteers to Donors
  • Tips and Tools for Volunteer Recognition
  • Getting Holiday Volunteers to COME BACK!
  • Engaging Corporate Volunteers: Groups & Individuals

Please let us know if there are additional training topics you would like to see offered by Business Volunteers Maryland!

In addition, you can also make use of this online resource kit.